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Made from silkworm cocoon, silk fabric is right for every moment. A silk accessory is always stylish, easy to drape and delicate. Whether you are looking for bold colours, abstract prints or solid shades a silk scarf is a must-have. Each season calls fashion forward patterns that are a true fashion statement in their own way. So why not invest a good scarf and let vibrant colours do the talking.

Silk scarves have made a comeback into the fashion world and this retro trend is unlikely to end soon. A perfect accent for ladies, scarves can be worn to formal occasions and informal festivities. Remember, an added pop when accessorizing uplifts any individuals style quotient.

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Our versatile silk scarves are elegant and will never go out of fashion. At Purple Sunshine women can transform their classic silk scarf to a trendy headscarf or even tie it to a handbag making it a staple wardrobe essential. You can also enjoy carrying our silk scarves as neckerchiefs, belts and hair adornments. Our collection includes shells, corals, and wood. Purple Sunshine has also incorporated swarovski crystals, acrylics and glass pieces to their range that has been sourced through travels worldwide making them timeless treasures.

Wondering how durable are silk scarves? Scarves denote sophistication and can be passed on from one generation to the other making it an heirloom piece. However, this much- adored accessory requires a little love and care. How we store our silk scarves determines the longevity of it. Purple Sunshine recommends that you hang your scarf in a dry place as it prevents it from creasing. Ensure to fold your scarves neatly and store them in breathable bags when not in use. Lastly, we suggest you keep away silk scarves from direct sun as it may fade.

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