Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend only? Different women see their best friends differently. For some it may be shines and sparkles but for others it may be more than that. Most women want to look and feel amazing. Speaking of feeling amazing, a scarf is that one item that will do its job with everything you wear. There’s nothing like a scarf hugging you and complementing your attire at the same time.

At Purple Sunshine you are bound to find yourself a perfect day-to-day accessory. Providing you plenty styles and attractive prints one can buy women scarves and adorn them exactly the way they desire. Purple Sunshine helps you to freely choose your signature look just by surfing scarves online.

Like most forms of accessories, scarves and stoles could be that one element that catches the eye of many. Ultimately, we want elegant accents that can go with absolutely everything. Purple Sunshine has designed unique pieces and timeless keepsakes such as jewelled scarves, neck warmers, and printed tie-dyes for modern women today. Each piece designed by us are elegant, beautiful and distinctly crafted using the finest quality fabrics such as cotton and silk.


Which scarf is your best friend?

With the ongoing winter season, fashion scarves are ideal. They help in making your outfit unique and keep you warm in different ways, depending on your personal style. Purple Sunshine scarves are distinct, lightweight and finished with an artsy touch.

Do you like scarves that are easy to style and endlessly versatile for a day lunch or a fancy evening date? For such occasions, Purple Sunshine recommends a Parisian knot.
If you are looking for scarves to be worn at formal events, corporate meetings and gatherings we suggest you check out our magnetic scarves. These scarves are ideal for those who are running short on time and simply just have to clasp either ends securely.

Whether you prefer solid colours or textured prints, scarves allow you to mix and match to enhance the colour of your apparel. If something is missing in your outfit, one just needs to add a little element. A scarf is a necessity and Purple Sunshine has taken these essentials to create a niche for women who would like to look different. Eventually every woman does want to own a lovely scarf she can wrap around her neck or gift to her loved one’s making it a thoughtful gesture for a special occassion.

We at Purple Sunshine would like women of all ages to invest in our scarves offering them a range of joyful collections. You can enjoy browsing through these beautiful scarves online in India on our website or offline at exhibitions. Our adornments are super chic, trendy letting you achieve your signature look. We at Purple Sunshine love the contemporary aesthetic of accessories and how they always surprise you. So, scarf it up and make your presence felt where you go.